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Motion Design: RETRO GIRL

I’ve been sharpening my motion design skills and working on combining 2d and 3d Character animation with 3d perspective.

I’m a big fan of what animation studios have been doing lately merging the two disciplines in commercial and theatrical animations.

It was definitely a learning process going through both the initial design phase of creating the character in both 2d and 3d. Rigging both the Illustrator art and the 3d Model was one of the most challenging and time consuming parts of the process.

I really enjoyed digging into the Grease Pencil effects in Blender for some of the 2d design details. I used it for the spinning lines on the record and the line details on the 3D character model, along with the linework on the ground for the floorboards.

The original concept and story are by Cameron Holly Dexter. This is just a small piece of the larger script she had so maybe we will see more of Retro Girl in the future. Who knows?

As a technical experiment, I learned so much in creating this piece. I also had a great time sculpting the skull, cat, and 3d character hair in Shapelab VR.

It’s amazing using VR to sculpt rather than using Zbrush with a tablet. An extremely intuitive way to work.

Technical Details: Created with Blender, After Effects, Limber, Rubberhose, Callipeg, Shapelab VR. 3d Animation created with Blender, sculpting done in Shapelab VR, Cell Animation for the smoke created with Callipeg, and Compositing and 2d Character Animation created with After Effects, Rigging done in 2d with Limber and Rubber Hose. 3d Character Rigged using Autorig Pro.

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