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What a great short to watch, experience and to work on. Congrats to Directors Steven Allerick and Carl Reid on creating a dialogue with audiences about the portrayal of race and iconography in our oldest heroes.

It's always a pleasure lighting for DP Beth Napoli, and her lighting plans for this project were exceptional. She definitely pushed me on nailing the placement of our sources for the alley sequence and I'm totally pleased with the result. Yohan Herman was excellent as our Key Grip and some of his last minute refinements on diffusion, placement and rigging were extraordinary.

Have to give appreciation to Eric Rosas, who was Best Boy Electric, on this project. Always an MVP and willing to go the extra mile for the smallest adjustment.

I'm so proud of the entire team on this one. Lovely seeing the work of so many departments come together so well.

All the best to everyone involved!

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