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Art & Design. Crowdfunding THE RECIPE

Collection of original art I created for the Kickstarter campaign to fund our retro revenge short The Recipe.

These were all rewards or advertising in some form or another.

I really enjoyed illustrating, painting and designing our Official Poster. I used Procreate for the line work and Rebelle for the digital watercolor. I was extremely pleased with the result. Rebelle is amazing software.

We were so fortunate to be able to make the film, we raised around $35,000 from our wonderful campaign Backers. I know some people would think that is a lot for a short, but filmmaking is not cheap and neither is Los Angeles.

Our original Pitch video that we shot in one evening with some generous VFX applied for our television shot. A fun and stressful memory.

Concept art of our motel scene. If money was no object we would have had that peeling wallpaper, but alas. Created in C4D with paintover in Procreate.

This was a little homage to Charles Burnes that I illustrated with Affinity Designer. Drawn completely in vector.

This was an abstraction of the main conflict in our story with a little bit of 70's surrealism added to the mix. Illustrated with Procreate.

For our pitch video, I created real spice labels that I wrapped around Trader Joe spices for our pitch video. I repurposed the designs for a faux ad pushing the themes of the short. These were created in C4D with some layout finalizing and texture applied in Photoshop.

Our earliest piece of moving art. I used a hand painted depth matte and displacment to create the pseudo parallax. And a little bit of AE pixel sorter for a little oomph.

Line work created in Procreate. The blooming flowers were animated in C4D, with some heavy TV distortion in After Effects.

After Effects all the way for the meat spin.

Another C4D render for our budget breakdown. Blood painted in Photoshop.

A graphic I illustrated in Affinity Designer for our stretch goals.

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