Behind the Scenes: A Fistful of Feathers

Hard to believe it's been three and a half years since I packed my things and headed to Los Angeles to enroll in a six month film class from RED Digital Cinema, a company that has continued killing it in high resolution motion picture imaging.  During my time there, I met professional colorists, editors, directors, cinematographers, gaffers,  and engineers who all taught me valuable lessons about the filmmaking process.  

During the class, I had the opportunity to work on 5 short films in less than three months and direct one of those five.  It certainly was a baptism by fire.  Location problems, logistics issues, fire marshals.  The list goes on.  But out of all the chaos emerged a film.  My first short,   A Fistful of Feathers, is a love letter to the Spaghetti Western films my father and I used to watch together when I was a a kid.  It was featured on Film Shortage and screened at the Mill Valley Film Festival in San Francisco when it became a finalist in Sharp's Amazing Art of 4k contest.