Arri Skypanel Cameo

This video comes courtesy of my friend Ian McCausland over at Abelcine in Burbank.  Ian and I work together during RED's educational classes and asked if I would talk a little bit about using the Skypanel on set.  I'm a huge fan of this lighting tool and worked with it on a number of shoots as an electrician, gaffer and DP.  In the lighting department, being able to cue an entire inventory of gels at the touch of a dial saves so much time when you need to change color on the fly.  Look for my ugly mug at the 6:44 mark.  Thanks again to my friend Ian for featuring me on Abel's blog and take a look at his full breakdown here:  At the Bench: Arri Skypanel S60-C


RED Weapon Portrait

I've been working with RED Digital Cinema as a freelance gaffer and cinematographer for about two years now, and love teaching at REDucation LA.  The class is three days of color science, camera tests, and hands on instruction using some of RED's newest and coolest toys.  We were unusually spoiled this time around, getting a sneak preview of RED's latest body and sensor.  Thanks to Jarred Land and John Marchant, we got our hands on the unreleased Forged Carbon Fiber Weapon.  We were amazed at it's incredibly clean ISO's above 2000, which has previously been an issue on models past, and loved the ergonomics of the body.  I couldn't believe how light the camera was the first time I picked it up.    

We were also fortunate enough to have one of Dedolight's representatives, Roman Zenz, furnish us with an array of wonderful lighting instruments.  Not wanting the gear windfall to go overlooked, I shot this quick portrait of Ricky Lesser using two of Dedolight's octadomes and one bicolored LED focusing unit.  The key light is Dedo's largest octa unit and contains two 400w HMI's which can be re-struck with no waiting period.  The fill light is their medium 5 ft. octa using a single 400w HMI.  I loved the quality of light from these soft-boxes.  The inner diffusion layer has a thicker circular piece of fabric in the center of the cloth that eliminates the typical specular highlight that occurs when pointing any light directly at the subject.  

The image was captured at 320 ISO, lifted to 400, and graded and sharpened in Photoshop.  

Maria Dora Knitwear

Photo/video shoot on RED Dragon for Maria Dora's 2015 summer knitwear catalog.  Maria creates surreal pieces of knitwear featured in a number of film and television shows, one of her most well known pieces is the cowel Jennifer Lawrence wears in The Hunger Games.  

Behind the Scenes: A Fistful of Feathers

Hard to believe it's been three and a half years since I packed my things and headed to Los Angeles to enroll in a six month film class from RED Digital Cinema, a company that has continued killing it in high resolution motion picture imaging.  During my time there, I met professional colorists, editors, directors, cinematographers, gaffers,  and engineers who all taught me valuable lessons about the filmmaking process.  

During the class, I had the opportunity to work on 5 short films in less than three months and direct one of those five.  It certainly was a baptism by fire.  Location problems, logistics issues, fire marshals.  The list goes on.  But out of all the chaos emerged a film.  My first short,   A Fistful of Feathers, is a love letter to the Spaghetti Western films my father and I used to watch together when I was a a kid.  It was featured on Film Shortage and screened at the Mill Valley Film Festival in San Francisco when it became a finalist in Sharp's Amazing Art of 4k contest.